Rockschool Music Examination Board offers contemporary performance certificates for guitar, bass, drums piano and vocals.


Sanctuary Art of Sound hosts approximately 1200 exams throughout each year and are a national award winning Rockschool Exam centre, since 2010, for a professional facility, equipment and for the first class support and guidance for candidates coming to take their exams.

Prior to each exam there is a twenty minute practice including any help needed with instruments or setting up and answering any questions. Our aim is to make sure that exams run smoothly.

Drummers please note, to make the steward aware if any adjustments to the kit are needed for practice and also in the exam.


As a back up we would advise for music (especially tracks for vocal exams) to be downloaded if possible, without the need to be played via an internet connection.

Candidates are then collected from the practice rooms by the examiners (parents are able to join their children during the practice time)

We do have limited free car parking facilities and please ask if parents and or candidates could arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the exam.

We also offer a range of refreshments for anxious parents.    



To find out more about Rockschool please click on the link below.

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