Sanctuary Studios is a Recording & Rehearsal Studio based in Central Watford. We have a wide range of studios for Rehearsal & Recording purposes, whether you’re just a solo musician or an 8 piece band and anything in-between we can definitely accommodate your needs.


We take pride in offering robust and quality equipment to our customers, with brands such as Orange which are located in almost every studio! Other top brands such as Fender, Marshall, and Peavy are also used throughout our six rehearsal studios.


All of our rehearsal studios come fully equipped with  P.A Systems, Microphones, Drum Kits, Guitar/Bass Amps.

We offer many extras that are free of charge such as

Digital Pianos, Extra Microphones, Drumsticks, Ear Defenders, and Guitar Picks… Just to name a few.


Our studios are always clean & tidy and are staffed by warm & friendly people.  

studio 3

“I have been using their rehearsal studios for many years and they have constantly improved over that time. The equipment is generally very good, the staff are friendly and helpful and the prices are very reasonable.”


“I was here to pick up my partner after their band practice. The space was spotless and looked very nice. I'm not a musician but everything looked new and clean.”