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Sanctuary Promo's

Sanctuary Promo's

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We have a wide variety of high-end equipment throughout our studios 1 - 6 ensuring you can get the most out of your rehearsals. Extra equipment has no added charges.

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Take a virtual tour to find the right rehearsal studio for your band. Or if you are thinking about recording, you can check out the vocal booth & production suite in Studio 7. 

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Studio 7 is open for bookings and enquiries for recordings and post-production. This offer includes a high quality recording with an engineer.


We offer a showcase / livestreamed venue where we open up our staged studio. We will have an engineer control the night and open an opportunity of recording the live set.

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If you need a PA System for an event, we have got you covered. You can hire a full system with or without engineer.

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You can take your skills to the exam centre here at Sanctuary. RockSchool offer graded exams which take place here. 


If you would like to see some of our work and artists who regularly come to sanctuary, check out our YouTube channel.


Sanctuary has some of the best freelance tutors in the surrounding area. From drums to guitar to vocals, you can learn any instrument available.

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To get in contact enquiring about quotes, bookings or any questions please call, email, visit us or fill out a short form.

“I have been using their rehearsal studios for many years and they have constantly improved over that time. The equipment is generally very good, the staff are friendly and helpful and the prices are very reasonable.”

Paul Rose


''The owners and administrators of this wonderful commercial recording studio bring that local heart centred warm and friendly approach to any rehearsal or recording the people would like to do, accompanied by friendliness and professional at the all the way.
Urban Spirituality

“I was here to pick up my partner after their band practice. The space was spotless and looked very nice. I'm not a musician but everything looked new and clean.”

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