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Vocal Booth

Acoustically-treated Vocal Booth

 For Professional Recording

World-Class Microphones.


 A Visual Intercom System

That Connects You To Your

Sound Engineer/Producer 

And 3 External Live Studios.  

About Our Recording Engineer 

Get to work with our expert sound engineer, Anthony, a friendly producer who has over 20 years' experience in sound production and music therapy. Our engineer has worked on a wide range of different genres, from heavy rock, classical, country, rap/hip-hop to world music. So, if you are looking to do a vocal/voice-over, or a full band production, Anthony is your man!

Recording Session Prices

One-Hour Recording - £50  

Two-Hour Recording - £90

Three-Hour Recording - £135

Four-Hour Recording - £165 


Eight-Hour Recording - £250

Including Sound Engineer


Music Tech Lessons

We Offer Music Tech Lessons To Everyone - There Is No Minimum Age Or Experience Required!

Become Your Own

Music Producer!

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